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Adam Frank

 ‘Alien Anthropocenes’



Today is a conversation with Astrophysicist Adam Frank.

The subject of our conversation is based off of Adam Frank’s new book called ‘Light of the Stars’ which outlines through scientific discover of the last 50 years that what is happening here on earth currently (often referred to as the Anthropocene) is not unique. Not only is it not unique here on earth since other living species in the past are known to have polluted the atmosphere to the point of that species own extinction (known as the Great Oxygenation about 2.4 billion years ago) but it’s also extremely likely that some form of an Anthropocene / Climate Change has occurred on other planets as well.

Adam Frank puts forward the argument that we are looking at this current shift in earth’s climate all wrong. Not simply when skeptics deny climate change existence at all but also when those of us who DO believe in it believe go on to bash humanity for our evils. It’s likely that all advanced civilizations in the universe went through this form of this adolescence. (and if you follow along with Adam Frank’s math, there were likely a mind staggering number in existence at one point or another)

Also, think of this as a type of two-part episode. Today’s episode is astrophysics Adam Frank talking about alien anthropocenes and next week will be Chris Pak who is a scholar in speculative fiction and has written a book called ‘Terraforming: Ecopolitical Transformations and Environmentalism in Science Fiction. Chris Pak looks at a century of Science fiction literature and how climate change, geoenginering and geopolitics have informed and played a role in our depiction of environment. These are two very different approaches and disciplines discussing a similar issue of today.

But today is with Astrophysicist Adam Frank. It was great speaking with him, I really enjoyed his book. And I hope you enjoy this episode.

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