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Mario Carpo

Mario Carpo _ ‘ No One Likes A Quitter



This episode is a conversation with the architectural historian Mario Carpo who wrote a short piece for Metropolis Magazine about a month ago called “Post-Digital “Quitters”: Why the Shift Toward Collage Is Worrying”. The piece is a critique against a current resurgence in the representational techniques and forms of post modernism, which originated forty years ago. Two questions come to mind; one, what is the disciplinary reasoning for reinvestigating these forms and techniques including collage and axonometric drawings? And two,  more importantly, why does there appear to be an active avoidance in this work to the pressures associated with our current twenty first century (technologies of computing, human subjectivity, environmental change, communication and monitoring to name just a few)

Mario and I decided prior to recording this that we would not spend our time critiquing what we both agree is a concern for the discipline but instead focus on the opportunities ahead, however we do spend a few moment in the beginning contextualizing the starting point.

Hope you enjoy.


Mario Carpo is the Reyner Banham Professor of Architectural History and Theory at the Bartlett, UCL, London. His latest monograph, The Second Digital Turn: Design Beyond Intelligence, has just been published by the MIT Press.

The Second Digital Turn: Design Beyond Intelligence

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