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Muchaneta Kapfunde




Today is a conversation with Muchaneta Kapfunde. Muchaneta is founding editor-in-chief of, which she co founded with Mano ten Napel in 2015. Fashnerd is one of the fastest growing digital magazines writing about fashion technology and wearables and something each of you should have a look at for a read.

We’re discussing current advancements and trends in fashion as it relates to technologies embedded in that clothing. We discuss the opportunities for not only fashion but also architecture itself as clothing begins to absorb aspects of communication, healthcare monitoring and more. One of the interesting points raised is how these trends and opportunities will likely shape how the human body will be identified and constructed through its silhouettes and engagement of the environments it is situated within. Fashion of course has a long history of both being shaped by larger pressures in society as well as playing a significant role as a guiding voice in that discussion.

In many ways, I think you can see this episode as a compendium to last week’s episode with Ian Bogost. Muchaneta and I discuss not only data privacy but also the role wearables and fashion might have in engaging a discourse of how the human body is shaped towards new norms.

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