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Perry Kulper

 ‘Architecture Black Box’

Today is a conversation with Perry Kulper, an architect and Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan.

If you’re familiar with Perry’s work, it’s best that I stop here in trying to articulate his work over an audio only medium. I can only fail to do justice. If you are not, I suggest you quickly pull up some images on your phone to better understand the context of this conversation.

So much of architecture’s creation exists within a balance of accepting norms that we assume to define architecture …along side the expression of hunches, blind faith and unhinged imaginations that can turn around and rewrite many of those same norms. Accessing our imaginations is a near black box site that most have a difficulty identifying or even maintaining for any extended period of our careers, never mind being able to define it or teach it to others. But that’s exactly what Perry has been able to do.  I spoke with Perry not only as an admirer of the work he produces but the mindset I image he must maintain to produce that work. Perry describes these pursuits as seeking ‘outrageously different spatial opportunities’ and ‘broadening the conceptual range by which architecture contributes to our cultural imagination’.

It was great to have him on the program and I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Until next time…take care,

Central California History Museum Competition, Fresno, CA, Proto Formal Section, Aspectival Drawing, 2010
Aerial Diptych Folly, v.01: Angles of Incidence from the Ruby Sweep, Translated, Frontal, 2018
with: Oliver Popadich
David’s Island Competition, New Rochelle, NY, Strategic Plot, 1997
Migrant Garden: Flights o’ Fancy Bird Motel, 2015
with: Mark Keller, Omar Ali + Sam Seeger



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